Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catch up!

It's been awhile since I last posted and I'm not sure why? I'm always reading about everyone on their blogs but I never post on mine so I'm copying a friend (Deborah) and I'm going to try and post everyday for a month straight!! The girls just finished up with their second session of swimming and are getting really good, after this next session they can start little piranhas which is a little swim team. They are loving it as am I it is just craziness on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights and we are all running around trying to get dinner and people ready for bed and with homework and all the mayhem!! Jack is growing big and still not caring about the whole talking thing. I don't know what is about our kids they have always rolled over really early, sat up between 4 and 5 months and walked at 10 months but talking nope not interested until about 3 ugh!! He is into the whole hitting his sisters now and thinks it is hilarious especially when they go running and screaming away from him. Boys are so different!
We found a house we liked and put an offer in on it, the sellers accepted our offer but it is a short sale and the banks still have to look over some things we should know soon if we get it. It is in Seabeck, WA about 30 minutes from where we live know. I love it it's blue and has 4 bedrooms(YEAH) my girls won't have to share anymore and my life will be a little less dramatic. It has 2.3 acres and a big stream in the far back with fish in it, which makes me excited the only thing is the name if the steam is BIG BEEF STREAM come on how gross is that BIG BEEF? We might have to think of something else, it does make me smile every time I say it though. Sam is still loving his job, he gets to work on submarines all day and all the fun things that go along with them. Sam and a friend from our ward are going to climb Mt. Rainer in June and he is so excited about that I'm a little jealous but lets face it I would never make it up that thing alive.
My parents came down over the girls spring break and it was really great to have them here. My mom and I went on a murder mystery dinner cruise around the Seattle harbor, we really had a good time. While they were here they bought me a sewing machine and let me tell ya I love it. I am on this twirly skirt kick. I have never really used a sewing machine before but man it is addicting, I want to thank Kacy for posting the twirly skirt on her blog and telling me where it get the pattern because I am having so much fun. My girls are going to end up with so many skirts!! Well I guess that is all for know, man now I have to think of something to post tomorrow:(