Friday, September 24, 2010

*Family Pictures*

Hoh Rainforest and Ruby Beach

The last part of the summer we took a camping trip to the coast and to the Hoh Rainforest. Its was a bit foggy on the beach but it was so beautiful. Ruby beach is called that because the comming and going of the tide washes down rubies from the dirt off the coast and you can find them on the beach. We did not find any because we found all of this out after we had already left. Oh well, next time. The next day we went to the rainforest and camped. We hiked a couple of trails and looked at all the moss on all the trees. It was a real fairy land and we decided that this is were all the fairies live.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's egg-citing

Last week my uncle was in town, he came over and saw our chickens and informed us that one was laying eggs already. I wasn't so convinced since we hadn't seen any eggs yet, but since he hatches his own eggs and raises his own chickens I thought well maybe I won't argue with him. The next morning I went to let the chickens out like I always do. They roam all day on our property eating all the yummy bugs. As I walked up the path to their coop I saw a wonderful sight, a little brown egg right in my way, it must of been laid right before we tucked them in the night before. We were so excited. So all day I kept checking outside on the path, in their coop, around their coop and all over the yard. It was like Easter for 4 days I was on the hunt, and nothing!
The Internet said each hen would lay 1 egg every 24 hours so where were all my eggs? We decided to build a big fence to keep them in a manageable area and it worked we found 3 eggs yesterday. This morning before church I let the chickens out into their new pen and went inside to finish getting ready. Not more than 15 minutes later I look outside and one(Daisy) is out, so out I go to track her down. I hear her softly clucking in some bushes. I dig through and see a shiny white egg and then right behind it I see a brown egg. Then I see Daisy sitting under the bush, I pick her up and under her were 14 eggs, yes 14! So now we know where all our eggs have been hiding. After church we fixed the "holes" in the pen and clipped their wings so hopefully in the days to come we won't be hunting for any more eggs, we will just be gathering.

It's that time again...

For crisp air in the morning, for yummy blackberries on the bushes(everywhere), for sweatshirts, hot cocoa, early mornings, sack lunches, and for SCHOOL. The girls were not as excited about school as I was but they are enjoying it as I knew they would.
Brooke is in 4th grade, loves Taylor swift, cowgirl clothes, soccer, is very much a momma's girl, always has a messy room, is overly cautious about everything, takes such good care of her brother, is growing up so fast and she is so B-utiful.

Emily is in 2nd grade, boy crazy, loud, full of energy, has the funniest most contagious laugh, and is the comedian of the family not to mention she too is B-utiful.She has another boy teacher this year but is OK with it since her teacher is really young and really cute! Heaven help us!