Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Pictures

Brooke and Zoe Emmy
I love Emilys face here
Simon the Snail
Sweet Jack

Monday, September 22, 2008


Nothing new is happening here we have been busy with kids in school, homework and everyday life. Sam turned 32 on the 7th (Happy Birthday Honey!!) Whave found a babysitter and have been able to go on two dates YEAH! I got a major flat tire today, I drove the girls up to the main road to catch the bus because they were running late and on the way back I noticed it was flat. Good thing I was at home and not somewhere else and wouldn't have been able to get home. So I have been changing a stubborn tire and since I was all gross from that I decided to tackle the inside grossness of your car that still needed to be cleaned from our camping trip last weekend, Oh yeah we went camping, I forgot! I guess I post pics of that. Anyway I have a clean car and as soon as Sam gets home we are going to get brand new tires on the van, we really needed them so now we have no choice but to just go and get them. Maybe tomorrow will be less crazy. I think i'll just do laundry. ;)
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Midnight Sun

I read Breaking Dawn when it came out and even though I had mixed feelings about it, I still loved it. So when my life started to get back to normal, by that I mean not thinking of Edward and Bella all day (I know pathetic but true), but when it seemed I was normal again my sister n law called me and told me that Stephenie Meyers new book that she is not even done with yet had been illegally posted on the internet. So to keep her fans honest she went ahead and posted it on her website, so I pondered it for a moment weither or not I should read it beacuse it is only 264 pages and the rest is still to be determined, she is not sure if she is even going to finish it now, but how can I not read it!! It''s all Edwards thoughts and let me just tell you it was so great, by far my favorite, even though it stops before she is even half way through. So if you love the books like I do go read it. Yes you'll be sad that you can't continue to read more but at least it keeps you on the Edward and Bella High!!!