Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Date

This was taken when I was thinner and Sam's hair was Thicker:)

Last night Sam and I dropped the kids off at our great friends house so we could go out on a date for my birthday. We went to "uptown" Gig Harbor and had some yummy Thai food. We had never had Thai food before but we liked it especially the crispy squid with sweet and sour sauce-YUM-. Then after stuffing ourselves we headed to Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It was a nice night just the two of us - we need that more often. He even gave up watching the playoff game just for me, ahhh. He loves me. Even though it was on at the restaurant - you should of seen him grin!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


When I look in my back yard this is what I see. Trees, trees, and more trees. We had three trees that were a little too close to the house for Sam's comfort. Sam has been cutting down trees all over our property since we have moved in, in July, but these. If one of these trees went the wrong way it would be the end of our house as we know it. I like my house. So us doing it ourselves was not really an option. Our neighbor on the other hand is a professional lumberjack -Yeah us-. So today Mr. lumberjack came to our house and took those pesky trees down. It was so awesome to see him cut them down he made it look so easy. "TIMBER" I yelled in my head as each one fell down. The loud cracking and swooshing of the tree as they fell is the best sound, I was in awe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my new neighbors

I am so excited to be getting new neighbors. Over Christmas my parents bought a house 15 minutes away from me. They sold their ranch in Texas and have decided to move to be closer to grand kids, and me:) Never in my life did I think I would be living in Washington and now my parents, will someone pinch me because I cannot believe it.