Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We went on our first family excursion on Saturday to a place called Marymere falls it is a little past a place called Port Angeles and for any of you who love TWILIGHT as much as I do you'll know how excited I was granted it was no FORKS but still close enough to have me looking for Edwards silver Volvo!!:) Oh but never fear Forks is my next adventure. Anyway here are some pics of our outting.
Click to play Marymere Falls
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

We finally made It!!!

Well we are finally here at our new home it seems like forever in the making. Sorry I haven't posted in like a month but things have been really busy. Everything is moved in and we finally got our internet back on so now I can POST!!! The girls are loving their new house and have met the neighbor kids and play with them everyday. They climb trees run through the forest in the front yard and go to the beach in the back yard. Emily's favorite thing to do is look for crabs under the rocks when the tide is down, she thinks they are so funny. Sam started his new job on Monday it is just training stuff now but he thinks he is going to like it. The Ship on the top side is dry docked and is an air craft carrier which Sam will be working on, not this one exactly but one like it. Sorry the pics are out of order but i'm posting a picture taken from the beach which is so beautiful especially when the sun is setting. Our winding driveway I really love,like I'm in a Hanzel and Gretel story when I drive down it. I'll post more later when I get more pics, I hate to post without a picture.