Monday, August 30, 2010


In June we took the girls out of school two days early to head down to New Mexico for my sister's wedding. She married Cody Wilkins on June 19th in Colorado and it was Beautiful.

Then it was home to celebrate Brooke's birthday(which was the same day my sister got married) She had some friends over and we had a little party. I cannot believe she is 10 years old and going to be in the 4th grade-it blows me away-.


Kari said...

Are those Melissa's kids in the picture? Tell her she looked beautiful and congratulations. I hope her husband treats her well!!

Hope all is well with you guys. I can't believe as well that you have a 10 year old. Where has the time gone??!!!

Monica Fox said...

I am loving your new look!

Janell said...

Melissa looks gorgeous! Your kids (and Melissa's, too!) are all getting so big. Isn't it crazy how fast the years go by?