Sunday, May 23, 2010


Three kids, two dogs, two hamsters, one cat and eight chickens! Oh my. We have added eight chickens to our family. The kids got chickens for Easter this year and we are all so excited to have fresh eggs in 4 months. We wanted 4 or 5 chicks but the "farmer" informed us that a couple might die off the first few days. So not wanting to have only 2 or 3 left I bought eight in hopes for 5, well we must be suited for the chicken raising business because all eight are alive and thriving.

Anyone need eggs? We will be loaded.

Brooke asked the other day if having chickens made us farmers? Sometimes I feel like I wake up at 5am and work all day then go to bed at 10pm just to start all over again the next day, so "yes" we must be farmers.
Not only of animals but of children.


Monica Fox said...

Well, Farmer Waite, I just have to say that 1-I always wanted to be friends with a REAL farmer, 2-that is THE cutest chicken house, and 3-you really get up at 5am?

Thomas Family said...

That IS a cute chicken house!